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Greetings, FinTech fans! This blogposts launches a series of analytical observations about all things FinTech related to regulatory policy.

Join the blog as we assess the emerging trends that pop up in the rapidly evolving FinTech space for the banking, insurance, and securities sectors. Along the way, digital currencies and distributed ledgers will make guest appearances. Financial stability and bond market liquidity issues might come up alongside consumer protection and data privacy. We will all struggle to determine whether big data solutions have limits, particularly given different domestic market structures.

The world of finance is transforming rapidly as the data revolution gathers steam. The FinTech RegTrends space is about far more than optimizing the customer experience.

Policymakers will struggle to craft rules that encourage innovation while still protecting systemic stability. Across the world, policymakers will also compete with each other to develop the best standards and, where possible, comparable standards.

It's going to be quite a ride. Ride the wave with us.

If you are looking for more rigorous analysis, subscribe to the FinTech RegTrends Report. Here you will receive weekly quantification of key regulatory trends across the world. You may spot an idea that can help your business grow in a new environment. You may spot a trend that creates problems for your business model. Get ahead of the competition by using 21-century PATENTED tools to anticipate policy trajectories in the FinTech RegTrends Report. You can subscribe through the Online store on this site or thorough our sister site at www.bcmstrategy2.com

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