IMF and Fintech

Last month, I had the pleasure and honor of participating in various sessions at the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings in Washington DC.

In addition to the usual smattering of economic policy and sovereign risk sessions, sprinkled with a heavy dose of geopolitics, the IMF provided some novel programming focused on FinTech-related issues.

One standing-room-only session focused on FinTech issues generally. It mirrors a broader effort underway within the IMF to assess the implications that financial innovation holds for the IMF.

A second session assessed the future of the SDR (Special Drawing Rights, the unit of account for transactions among sovereign members of the IMF) now that China's currency has joined the basket of currencies that comprise the SDR. The obvious question (which I asked) is whether distributed ledgers and digital currencies hold promise for the evolution of the SDR.

I blogged on Medium last month about these sessions. You can READ THAT POST HERE.

It will soon also be available for viewing on the Atlantic Council website.

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