Australia - All In for #FinTech

The Australian government today presented a forward-leaning raft of FinTech policy proposals in the draft 2018 budget. The budget hits almost all the main issues, particularly digital currency, crowdfunding, sandboxing and bank licensing.

That's right...fiscal policy is now a tool of FinTech regulatory policy.

If they fulfill the promises in the proposed budget, they could establish Australia as the most FinTech-friendly jurisdiction on the plant, giving the UK and Singapore a run for their money.

The only question at this stage is whether Australia will end up delivering one of the top three strategically significant developments of the week when the FinTech RegTrends Report is published on Friday. They are a front runner. Experience suggests that sometimes quiet initiatives generating less rhetorical media attention can sometimes out-weigh the dramatic announcements.

Stay tuned. Subscribers will know the answer on Friday.

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