The Friday #FinTech #RegTrends Quiz

You've been waiting all its time to see how informed you really are regarding FinTech RegTrends! Please answer the questions as of Thursday night and post your answers to Twitter using the #RegTrends hashtag.

1. Which was the most active sovereign this week? HINT: the answer will likely surprise you.

2. Which category of activity saw the most predictable spike in activity?

3. Which issue area saw the most activity? Spoiler Alert: its NOT sandboxes.

4. Which sector (banking, insurance, payments, trading) as the most activity?

5. Which issue makes its debut appearance in the FinTech RegTrends database this week? HINT: It's a familiar issue to FinTech fans, but it is the first time since we started collecting data that it shows up.

The correct answers will be posted on Twitter on Saturday morning, as usual, using the #RegTrends hashtag.

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