The Friday #FinTech #RegTrends Quiz

Is your business ready to adapt to regulatory

change in the FinTech space? Answer these

questions based on activity this week to

discover your level of readiness:

1. Which jurisdiction proposed a framework to regulate robo-advisors this week?

2. Which regulator said this:

"Other breaking digital innovations present equal regulatory challenges. They include “big data” capability to enable more sophisticated data analysis and interpretation, artificial intelligence to guide highly dynamic trade execution, “smart” contracts that value themselves and calculate payments in real-time, behavioral biometrics that can detect and combat online fraud, and distributed ledger technology, more commonly known as blockchain, that will challenge orthodoxies that are foundational to today’s financial market infrastructure."

3. Which jurisdiction announced plans to launch a new FinTech license before year-end?

4. Which powerhouse FinTech jurisdiction does this data describe:

"Today 80 per cent of the population is unbanked. Around 40 per cent is bankable, but they are not banked. The question is, why? These are some of the opportunities that [fintech companies are] really try to solve,"

5. Which was the most active issue this week?

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